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Sumire Kuribayashi

Sumire Kuribayashi x Shinya Fukumori x Aya Kurosawa

Live at Classics

This video is a special that newly added unreleased video (1 trio, Sumire Kuribayashi p Shinya Fukumori ds duo 1 song, talk video 15 minutes) to the free broadcast on YouTube on 2020.8 / 14 to support classics. It is a video work.

78 minutes 2020 jazz, cage Virginal

Paid content: ¥ 2,000

Live at Classics

Live at Classics

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Sumire Kuribayashi piano

Shinya Fukumori drums

Aya Kurosawa vocal

[Work introduction]

Since his debut in 2014, pianist Sumire Kuribayashi has fascinated domestic and foreign fans with his unique tone and style, and unadorned musical expression.

Shinya Fukumori, who released the second leader album in the history of Japanese people on the prestigious German label ECM, and gained popularity in Europe with his unique talent as a drummer, composer, and producer.

A trio consisting of vocalist Aya Kurosawa, who is demonstrating multi-musical abilities from chorus to singing, making use of the crystal voice that coexists with nostalgia and newness.

In July 2020, the live recording was done at Shibuya Koen-dori Classics in Corona, which was still in a situation where it was difficult to hold an audience live.

In this recording, the original songs of all the members are adopted.

You can feel the talent of each melody maker and the lyrical sensibility like Japanese.

The series of warm and sometimes painful sounds spun by the three people evokes various emotions and separates the audience from their daily busyness.

The collaboration between special lighting by lighting artist Takayuki Watanabe and too beautiful 4k video by photographer Tomoya Takeshita

It clearly highlights the details of music that cannot be understood from a CD alone.

[Sumire Kuribayashi x Shinya Fukumori x Aya Kurosawa Live at Classics Main Story]

1.Birth (Shinya Fukumori)

2. Rokka Mauyo (Aya Kurosawa)

3.Spring Hymn (Sumire Kuribayashi)

4. Unfinished sky (Aya Kurosawa)

5.Walk (Shinya Fukumori)

[Bonus Movie Special Bonus Video]

1.Luck and Pluck! (Aya Kurosawa)

2. Sumire Kuribayashi, Shinya Fukumori duo

Sketch No.2 ~ Portrait (Sumire Kuribayashi)

3. Talk video (after live recording on July 18, 2020)

total time 1:08:48

Sumire Kuribayashi piano

Shinya Fukumori drums

Aya Kurosawa vocal

Video by Tomoya Takeshita

Lighting by Takashi Watanabe

Mix & Mastering Engineer by Akihito Yoshikawa

Recording Engineer by Tomohiro Ishii

Artist Management by Masayasu Hanai

Production Assistant by Koji Minoshima

Sumire Kuribayashi

Aya Kurosawa

Shinya Fukumori

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