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A drummer and a composer, Shinya Fukumori, after having had released his debut album from ECM back in 2018, is now launching his own music label “nagalu.”


For its first new release, Shinya has gathered some of Japan’s top artists to create a soundscape he has long been envisaging far beyond that of ECM, jazz music that is born from and truly unique to Asian culture.


Nostalgic yet visionary, “Another Story” evokes a feeling of yearning and tenderness through fifteen of its musical poetries, each speaking ever so softly, inviting listeners on a journey of a new beginning.


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Artist:Shinya Fukumori (福盛進也)


Catalog Number:NAGALU-001 (2)




【CD1 「月 Tsuki」】
1. 月はとうに沈みゆき Tsuki Wa Tou Ni Shizumi Yuki
2. L.A.S.
3. 可惜夜 Atarayo (Improvisation)
4. 悲しくてやりきれない Kanashikute Yarikirenai
5. Fallen
6. Another Story
7. 美しき魂 Utsukushiki Tamashii -月-

【CD2 「花 Hana」】
1. Birth
2. Flight of a Black Kite
3. 水光 Mihikari (Improvisation)
4. 美しき魂 Utsukushiki Tamashii-花-
5. Lily
6. Farewell
7. Walk
8. 花は光に導かれ Hana Wa Hikari Ni Michibikare


Shinya Fukumori - drums CD1 (M1-M6) CD2 (M1-M7)

Masaki Hayashi - piano CD1 (M1,2,7) CD2 (M2,4,5,7)

Koichi Sato - piano CD1 (M4 -M6) CD2 (M1,6,8)

Kazuma Fujimoto - electric & acoustic guitar CD1 (M1,2,7) CD2 (M2,4,5)

Salyu - vocals CD1 (M3,7) CD2 (M3,4)

Satoshi Kitamura - bandoneon CD1 (M1) CD2 (M5,7)

Kazuhiro Tanabe - bass CD1 (M1) CD2 (M5)

Toru Nishijima - bass CD1 (M2) CD2 (M2)

Takuji Aoyagi - vocals, acoustic guitar CD1 (M4) CD2 (M7)

Akihito Obama - shakuhachi CD1 (M4,6)

Kanon Aonami - alto saxophone CD1 (M6) CD2 (M6)

Masaki Kai - bass CD2 (M7)


All songs composed by Shinya Fukumori
except CD1(M3)CD2(M3) by Shinya Fukumori & Salyu, CD1(M4) by Kazuhiko Kato
CD1(M4) words by Hachiro Sato CD2(M7) words by NILO


Produced by Shinya Fukumori

Another Story (2CD) - Shinya Fukumori

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